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Valo Therapeutics recruits Antti Vuolanto as COO

Antti Vuolanto

Antti Vuolanto, COO (DSc) is a biotech leader with over a decade of experience within immuno-oncology, in-vitro diagnostics and bioinformatics fields. He was recruited to Valo Therapeutics in March of 2017, where he is responsible for overseeing team operations from pre-clinical development through to fully commercial cancer therapies. Antti co-founded Oncos Therapeutics where, as a COO, he was responsible for the clinical development program of an oncolytic adenovirus. Later, he had the responsibility of merging Oncos Therapeutics with the Norwegian immuno-oncology company, Targovax. He served at Targovax as an Executive Vice President before joining Valo Therapeutics. Previously he has also held senior management positions at other biotech companies. At Mobidiag Ltd he successfully launched the company’s first in vitro diagnostics products into European market. At Medicel Ltd. he developed and patented several high throughput research instruments that were used for producing data for bioinformatics modelling. Antti has studied biochemistry and bioprocess technology at Aalto University, Finland. He graduated as a doctor of science in technology in 2004.