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Valo Therapeutics Granted USA Patent for PeptiCRAd Technology in Cancer Immunotherapy


Helsinki, 24th November, 2020

Valo Therapeutics, the developer of novel, adaptable immunotherapy platforms for cancer and infectious diseases, today announced that the US Patent Office has granted US Patent No 10,799,568 on 13 October 2020, covering its lead PeptiCRAd platform technology. The patent covers the use of adenoviral vectors having tumor-specific peptides attached to the viral capsid, for stimulating targeted anti-tumor immune responses in cancer patients. Patents for PeptiCRAd technology have been previously granted in Europe (No 3145537) and in several other countries.

The granting of this patent is a strong endorsement of the inventiveness and novelty of PeptiCRAd technology, which promises to facilitate the delivery of new and advanced individualized  or “patient-specific” cancer treatments. The development of rapidly adaptable and highly targeted therapeutic platforms represents an exciting and potentially transformative development in the immunotherapy field. Valo is preparing to initiate Phase I clinical testing of its lead PeptiCRAd technology in combination with a checkpoint inhibition therapy in 2021, targeting several solid tumor indications with high unmet medical need.


About PeptiCRAd

PeptiCRAd (Peptide-coated Conditionally Replicating Adenovirus) is an innovative way of combining the best features of two clinically proven cancer immunotherapy approaches, an oncolytic adenovirus and a peptide vaccine. PeptiCRAd uses immunogenic viruses as active carriers of tumor-specific peptides to direct the immune system to generate specific T-cell populations to target and kill cancer cells. Recent in-vivo data has demonstrated a synergistic improvement in tumor clearance when Valo Tx’s platform was combined with checkpoint inhibitors. A film explaining the PeptiCRAd technology can be found here.